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The site

The site is totally devoted to the database of relatives. The starting point is my daughters, Maria and Emma Herrström. But in both parts I have included cousins in a way that is not according to the strict principles of genealogy. As a matter of fact the principle is blurry and subjective.


On the other hand I am not a fan of the strict principles of how to regard relatives according to the genealogists. I do not think that expected inheritance of DNA is a good principle, especially as new science have found that about 10% of all people have an other biological father than he/she thinks. Family and relatives are social constructions. And that is why I don’t have any principle at all.


To the left you can probably understand the structure. As the Swedish law might prohibit publishing of this kind of information on the net I have taken away all information that is not harmless and which is not older than 70 years. This means that the starting point is the grandparents of my daughters on both sides.


Most of the work concerning the families of Herrström and Reiman is done by Maria’s and Emma’s grandfather, Yngve Herrström and the structuring that his brother Stig has done lately. I have just put it into the program “Min Släkt , checked and added some information that I could easily find. Concerning the families Håkanson and Regnell and their ancestors my wife and I have used a lot of different sources. Firstly, and according to the book,  interviews with some relatives plus information from a book covering some of the ancestors to my wife (“Ljungbysläkten Sandberg”). I have also, for the daughters grandmother’s father used a source by Stig Regnell (“Regnelliana”, 1995) that covers more than 25 families with the family name Regnell. Luckily I have also had access to Genline ( which have given me the pleasure to read the sources via internet on my PC. The only “on the spot” thing I have done was a visit to the parish Skedevi to get some final information.


All of it is in Swedish, so it is not of very great use for those who do not read this language. There are some Herrstroms that have moved to the USA and there exists a German part so of course I would be grateful of information concerning that. There are not really any more information than what is on the site that I can supply with, but if someone nevertheless wants to contact me my e-mail-address is family at herrstrom dot com. (written this way to avoid junk mail).



Lidingö in March 2002

Thorleif Herrström